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Invincible Reviews

" Dear David, thank you! For the first time in my life after going through invincible, I feel like the real me and like I let the true man inside me out. It has made a difference even just walking around noticing all the girls noticing me. The confidence I exude now when I talk to women after being an introvert all my life is huge and going out with the different women and doing things faster and farther than I’ve ever done in my life is awesome. Thank you again for this. It was totally worth it."

— Steve M.

" I just took a look at my entrance survey of Invincible that I did. It sounds unbelievable to me that I adopted or changed probably 90% of the behaviour I wanted to. In my daily life, I also come very often to the feeling of how I wished people would perceive me before and after an interaction. Wtf?! I knew change can happen, but this fast? I’m talking about 3 1/2 months. I can’t wait to re-do the exercises of invincible to intensify the experience and progress. Thank you, David, for building the program so wisely and powerfully. "

— Andre K.

" A few minutes ago, I officially consider myself a graduate of Invincible. I finished the last guided meditation. It has been an amazing journey. The last 1.5 months of my life has been incredible. My friends are now asking me how it's possible I’m doing so much. Well, I can tell you the inner mindset changes from Invincible has been getting me to do all of this without burning out. Its quite the opposite, actually! After every guided meditation, my vision burns more clearly, and I gain more energy and confidence in pursuing my ideal self and never going back to my old ways."

— James J.

" I gotta say man, your INVINCIBLE program is incredible! Just finished my first run through of Invincible and the amount of confidence and drive I experience on a daily basis is mind blowing. I used to stay up till 2-3 am wasting my time doing almost nothing, but the last 6 weeks I’ve been able to get my ass turned around, hitting the gym without missing a single day, getting up at 5:30 every day without an alarm clock, and getting involved a ton of things I had only wished or thought about doing…building that awesome life that I’ve always wanted, with no small help from you and Invincible my man!“I’ve been through university for multiple degrees and this really needs to be taught to everyone, I feel it’s THAT foundational to a good healthy life but there is nothing like this out there, not even close.

Now, I’m still searching for what my new purpose will be, but I have a path and the discipline to charge forward now, and I’ve absolutely crushed some of those limiting beliefs already.“I’m looking forward to my next time through in a couple months and I’ll be sprinkling in those awesome guided meditations in between to continue reinforcing my new values and blowing apart those limiting beliefs that have had me in a choke hold for a long time. "

— Josh W.

" Hey David, I just finished Invincible and I can’t thank you enough for putting this course together. My confidence is at an all-time high and the ease in which I am attracting women still blows my mind. "

— Josh W.

" I just thought I’d post here that I am almost through the first part of Invincible. The information, guidance, and thought-provoking material already presented is almost overwhelming. But, I am happier today than I have been in a long time. Today, I didn’t look at much outside of myself for my happiness. It is fun and exciting. Eight weeks of this should prove very, very productive. Be great! "

Cory Wilkins.

" Just completed module 8 and the man who I am today is unrecognisable compared to when I started.

You and your Invincible program have trained me to become the most confident, self respected, and proud I have ever been in my life.

My family sees it, my friends see it, girls see it, but most importantly I see it!

I even in the past couple months was able to use the mindset i developed to make more friends, go out with and hook up with bunch of new girls, gain respect in my workplace from peers and leadership, and now won the affection of a beautiful girl who recently became my girlfriend.

In the past I would’ve been like “why is she with me” but now I’m like “ofcourse she’s with me…why wouldn’t she be…I’m the best thing for her.”

In short I’m building my Superhero Self and am committed to continuing to train and grow.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity you have given me to work through this program and the ability to keep reviewing the material and going through the exercises.

Thanks for everything! I’m on my way to my destiny and I’ll let you know how it looks when I get there! Greatness is just ahead! But first it’s onto module 9 for me!

Your student. " 

— Jeff E.

" I’ve just completed the Invincible course in its entirety and have been looking forward to sending you this email with my feedback and personal story.

Prior to coming across your work, I was operating at a fairly advanced level with attracting women. I had the sort of success with women many guys couldn’t relate to as I devoted the last 10 years to understanding, attracting and seducing women. In social circles, I was considered a skilled “PUA” and was sought after by many men who wanted to improve with women. My foray into attraction started before Neil Strauss’ book ‘The Game’ was published, and it wasn’t long before I found myself contributing to Mystery’s pickup forum and coaching men.

The net result of this learned skill led me to date someone who most would’ve thought was out of my league as she was a 6’0″, 22-year-old blonde fashion model, and I was a 5’9″ skinny 35-year-old Asian dude. I never felt she was outside my wheelhouse as I was dating models, strippers, doctors, scientists, CEO’s prior — profiles of which are out of reach for the average male.

However, my failed relationship goes to show you to that no matter how skilled you are in dating and attraction, neediness can easily creep in. My entire self-worth as a man was attached to dating this young model (as she represented my ideal), and when the relationship went south, so did my ego and self-worth. Looking back, it was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, as it presented a massive wake up call that I needed to get this area of my life handled.

In the following 9 months, I aggressively made drastic changes and my life has never been the same. I studied Buddhism, Taoism, Stoic philosophy, studied historical figures like Marcus Aurelius, Julius Caesar, read ‘The Way of the Superior Man’ by David Deida, learned to meditate and being present. I joined a gym and trained 3 days a week, I became selective with the food I was eating, and it wasn’t long after before I defeated my Goliath, the demon that’s kept me in a bottomless pit for many years — I overcame my fight with severe depression and anxiety and got off the pills, once and for all.

It wasn’t until I decided to commit to completing Invincible that things really elevated. The guided meditation exercise to alleviate your limiting beliefs was the game changer for me. Despite the fact that I’ve dated around 100 western women from all countries around the world, I still hold a strong limiting belief that western ‘round-eye’ women don’t fancy Asian men, particularly the 9s and 10s of the world. I barely dropped a tear at my father’s funeral, but the guided meditation to overcome your limiting belief made me weep like never before — and thanks to you David, I’m proud to say that this is no longer a concern.

It took me longer than I expected to complete your course because I re-watched the videos countless times, wrote a copious amount of notes and ingrained the principles you taught into my subconscious.

This time last year, I was incredibly miserable with the thoughts of suicide bouncing in my mind. Now today as I’m writing this 10 months later, thanks to you and your Invincible, I have a big smile on my face — I’ve sorted myself out and today am happy and fulfilled even without a woman — something I thought I’d never been able to say. My values and purpose in life have been re-established, and today I operate a property development business and co-founded a tech-startup all in the space of 3 months.

You’re a good man David, thank you for your valued contribution to this world and the positive influence you’ve had in my life.

Let me know if you ever make it to Melbourne, Australia, I’d love to buy you a few drinks and thank you personally. "

— Dave K.

" Today I’ve decided to write a transparent, long, reflective review of the experiences and results I had with Invincible course over the past four weeks. This is probably the longest post that I’ve ever written about my personal story. I want to share the mistakes, experience, results that I gained from invincible course because I don’t normally write and express my feelings to people that I don’t know well.

“I’m naturally an introvert person that doesn’t like to mingle with people in most settings, I also felt a lot of pressure when I wanted to make new friends. A few years ago, I experienced a traumatic event, I didn’t share with anyone, so I decided to keep quiet, and thought that I didn’t have the will and power to change anything. I always stayed at home, played video games and suffered depression and social anxiety for many years.

“I lost interest in literally everything I liked to do before. (reading, bodybuilding, running, singing, playing piano and guitar). I also flunked my university studies for 2 years, and not willing to appeal for a second chance or share about my anxiety problems. I thought that I was doomed to become a failure in the future.

“Before I knew about David Tian and his youtube videos, I made some of my friends who dated a lot of girls, and usually party every Saturday night, I was kind of envious about their lifestyle and the “game” they use to attract women into their life. So I applied its tactics to the girls and gained short-term pleasures from achieving the successful results. I felt like shit and of course, more depressed, more anxious and more miserable, some girls thought I’m a weirdo.

“Long stories short, I was being too NEEDY, unauthentic, NARCISSISTIC or whatever you can call. I felt like crap especially giving too much f*ck about what to say to the girls and friends, and even to my family as well. I’m also lazy as f*ck, and unmotivated to do anything to change myself.

Four weeks ago, I happened to find David Tian’s invincible course, mainly the course is about conquered the needy behaviour first, finding the values and principles, which I can never find from PUA’s stuff.

“So, for the first week, I spent mostly 4-5 hours per day to watch module 1, searching for the flows, understanding the principle of non-neediness. I always reflect on the inner flow and non-neediness behaviour every day.

“Everything in my life changed radically when I integrated the non-neediness behaviour and state of flow in my mind. My socialising skill improved tremendously, I can talk to women without any hesitation (worrying about what lines to use) and initiate communication with strangers easily. I can run 5km within 30min every day as long as I focus on finding the inner flows in my body. I become more sincere and open-minded, I share what I learn from reading with my friends every day. I also keep a journal every day, to reflect on the things I am grateful for every day. Most unexpected thing was that I never knew I could do public speaking. My persuasion skills and writing skills also improved a lot from building the flows organically into my mind and body.

“Sometimes, my friends are not happy with their lives, so I share them with my own principle and reflections about my past mistakes and experiences. I engage a lot of deeper conversations with my friends and avoid small talks. My friends are much happier to be by my side every time. They find that I’m a detailed and helpful person too. Most importantly I’m having fun myself all the time! I make my friends laugh at my jokes too. It’s happened so suddenly without being conscious. I never know I could tell jokes that make people laugh crazily. It was then again, I realized how the adoption of flow changed my behaviour and the behaviour of the people around me.

“Thank you David Tian for being my mentor, without your free videos, I wouldn’t have discovered you and my life would still remain the same. INVINCIBLE course is one of the best investment I’ve made in my life. I wish to meet you humbly in person in the future, as I want to learn more about ancient Chinese philosophy from you. That will be one of the best days happened.

“Like always, Good luck to my Invincible brothers on achieving your goals in life! — feeling blissful. "

— Vincent V.

" First of all, to David Tian Ph.D., I can’t thank you enough man. The Scrooge process is so so so incredible. I went all out, and I could feel a noticeable change in my body and mind. I walk differently, I think differently, and I react differently. I do feel INVINCIBLE. "

— Scotty D.

" I just completed the course for the first time and I feel Invincible…in fact, I KNOW I am!!!

This has been an amazing journey so far and I know there is so much more up ahead!!!

I have grown so much in the past few months with Invincible! I am a more confident, more happy, more driven, and a more awesome self than I have ever been!!!

For every one of my Invincible Brothers who has shared their stories and insights or commented on my posts, Thank You! I really do appreciate all of your support! Know that I am always ready to give advice if you need it!

David, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this training! It has changed my life in so many ways and has built a beautiful amazing incredible future for me to strive towards! "

Again Thank you all…my Invincible Brothers!

And as always:

Stack W’s!!!

— Jeff E.

" Just completed Module 9 of Invincible, and I have to say, it’s been quite a journey.

I learned much about myself, and in turn, other people. I learned on a more experiential level how subtle the effects of psychology can be, be it in terms of priming, in terms of perspective, and how influential it can be in shaping your views and lifestyle.

I feel that this will help me greatly in my spiritual path. It is said there to use all things as the path to training, I am glad to say that I have a better understanding of this now.

Onwards to Invincibility"

— Y.C. Lee

" It honestly took a leap of faith to invest as much money as I did in Invincible, but it was undoubtedly one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself to date. It took a lot of work, just as Dr. Tian had promised. Sticking with the process also gave me the results that Dr. Tian had promised. I loved the odd-numbered modules that focused on my mindset. Reflecting on the material and constantly doing the guided meditations not only I feel different, but caused me to carry myself differently.

I definitely noticed the results of the change. I’ve been treated differently by both men and women. The even-numbered modules were, in my opinion, more difficult to understand and implement, but I have gotten better with practice and am on my way to mastering the content. I have become more confident and hard-charging than I have ever been in my life.

Despite being naturally introverted, I am not only more social but I genuinely enjoy being more social, especially around women, which was always a sticking point in my life. It’s unbelievable just how enjoyable life has become from harnessing the results and I know that it will only get better from here.

I have the utmost faith in Dr. Tian’s products, and I’m looking forward to further developing my self-mastery in Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, Dr. Tian! "

— Paul D.

Hey David, i know that you must consistently hear this over and over in response to your content but i still do want to share my success with you.

The reality is that your content was the missing link in my search for self improvement. I gave you all of my trust in investing what is to me, a significant amount of money into the Invincible program.

To properly put things into perspective, due to the exchange rates between USD and AUD, i invested a whole week of my pay into the Invincible program whilst trying to juggle the costs of a trip to Asia and the costs of my car. So i put my faith in you wholly and what i have to say…


I have watched and watched the material and done the exercises as you have asked and quite frankly it has changed my life. My posture, my neediness, my ability to socialise, to talk to women, to get intimate with women. All of these things have been drastically changed!

In the weeks since i have begun the program, I have gone from talking to a few girls ive matched on tinder, to talking to a never ending tide of girls coming into my life. SO MUCH SO, THAT I DONT HAVE THE TIME TO MEET THEM ALL. Its literally made the abundance mindset a legitimate reality for me.

This past week on my trip to Asia, I’ve had the confidence to just walk up to new people, become friends with them and 3 days later, have the best night of my life clubbing with them. Now having more friends for life!

I’ve been on dates with multiple girls and even approached the most intimidatingly beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in person and got her contact details.

But the most significant aspect to me, is that i have been able to take what you have taught and apply it through my own ethical framework to create a sustainable way of life for myself that is in line with my values and in line with the pursuit of consistently improving myself!

Thanks so much for everything you do! What you have done for me and my life is priceless and you have my utmost loyalty going into the future.

Thanks again"

— Thomas K.

Dear David, I wanted to let you know how completing Invincible has changed my life. Well, it absolutely has, I realised I had been carrying around things for 40 years that had been holding me back well no more as of today I am free of them and continuing on as an Invincible man. thank you, thank you for everything. "

— Steve

" David Tian Ph.D. truly delivers a complete nuclear package for men with Invincible.Through the 10 week course, I was able to re-work and tweak my mental “operating system” to one that no longer sabotaged me in my interactions with women, and this helped me a lot in coming out of a long depression after a failed long-term relationship and a couple of subsequent dating disasters, and in restoring and improving my decimated self-confidence and self-esteem.

I highly recommend the inner game odd numbered modules as these deal with core issues facing a lot of nice guys who are otherwise clueless to the huge influence our unconscious minds actually have over us. Some of the guided exercises can be intense, so be prepared for the ride!

— Clarence T.

" I’ve tried a lot of courses to improve myself: psychologically, spiritually, tactics and tricks to make a relationship or dating truly work. I’ve come up with the conclusion that Invincible is the best online course I’ve done so far.

It brought me to a whole new level and through working with it, I built a stable relationship with a girl I’m willing to invest in. Without this online course, this would’ve never been possible.

Thank you

— Sandro B.

I have completed Invincible and have to say it was a fantastic experience. I am grateful to have found David Tian and his teachings. He has helped me get over my fear of approaching women and any anxieties that come along with it. It was not easy. My first approaches felt like I was dying as I am in conversation.

But, with practice over and over again it is getting much easier. Also, David has helped me get my life purpose up and running, things are so much clearer after this training. Thank you very much!

— Hector T.

I’ve applied what I’ve learned on the free man up sources on dating before I even bought the course, and it’s really great, that I know every right thing to do on a date, and what are the wrong things to do. The Invincible course is much more comprehensive and more detailed, and that’s what it makes it great, there’s also even for relationships, which makes it handy in the future.

I’m following David Tian since college, and I’m just watching man up shows and free courses, since then, I’ve noticed that applying what’s on the video is where the real learning happens, and when I got back to the videos, I will understand something that I’ve never understand on the video before, something like that. So what I’ve been doing is watch a video, apply it as much as I could, then get back again to the video. Along the process I’m starting to notice something more deeper, like what it’s like to have approach anxiety, maintaining the happy relationship, neediness, getting results, etc.

I watched all the videos in Invincible as much as I could because I have limited free time because I got a work now, and do the meditations. The most remarkable moment is after the first time I’ve tried the Invincible meditations, I got a very strange feeling, and when I went out the next morning, co-workers, women, friends all noticed something in me . The greatest is the Module 5 meditations, the next morning, the girls are drawn to me, and I was shocked by what happened too. I feel totally at ease at that time, very light.

I think what I got from Invincible is deeper knowledge, and a program that is designed where I can rely on that is already built for greatest result, and the meditations, so I was really great thankful. I think I still don’t understand the depth of the course of how it was built up to that point and I know there’s still more things that I’m about to realise.

I’m on a plateau and I just hit my first learning curve where everything is new. Sometimes I go back to my old ways and wondering what happened, then I go back to the program or the course, then I will understand something that I never understand before. Like sometimes I still feel self-conscious, I realised that I was not on flow, then it got me thinking that I need to reflect more on how can I get flow all the time in different scenarios, no matter what are outside circumstances, without popping out, something like that. Going back to the basics, screening and qualifying, I noticed that theoretically I have a list of my standards, yeah I know that, but then I realised when I about to apply it, what would I feel if the girl passes or not, what’s my reaction, how willing I’m to walk away, what are the real questions that will really test her if she really meets my standards. Then I realised training and learning. Maintaining the results for the long term is what I realised, rule of 5, and must get back to it and go deeper and deeper.

By the way, so far my life is just getting better and better, when I go out with my friends, it’s inevitable that we’re going to have a great time 🙂. It got me to the point where I can help other people, making their lives better by me giving value by giving them a great time and ‘good feelings’, they also start to somehow realise my values and adopt it themselves, like valuing love, being positive, being strong and so on.

It starts to affect my co-workers 🙂 . Helping others on their studies that led them up to graduate, back then I wouldn’t do that, but now I’m clear on my values so now I know what I should do. Make people realize that they are steering on a wrong direction in life, and etc, value having a good, happy relationship with my family and friends, growing and learning. All really thanks to the teachings and to the great life coach David.

I’ve noticed that the episodes on man up shows is getting more deeper, like what are the factors for happiness. I’ve learned about narcissism, inner child, grief work, coping strategies that led us to this point, why there’s PUA, and what should we do, something like that.

So that’s it, this is just my honest thoughts.

huge fan!" 

— Kenneth V.

I first heard of David Tian through Christian Hudson. A few days later I went out and tried the dramatic direct opener (which I see David's conveniently also included in week 1 of Invincible, cheers for that : ). I’m a little short & overweight so given that whenever I’ve tried direct openers before I usually just get the ‘aww thank you, that is so kind’ response my expectations weren’t especially high..

I saw an absolutely stunning girl standing at the waterfront. I felt so nervous I stood for a while looking at the water, then she turned & started walking back in my direction. I called her over & used my line. Before I could even finish she grabbed my hand & introduced herself. As we talked I could see her looking increasingly excited. Seeing this beautiful, sweet, adventurous girl getting so turned on I started feeling way out of my depth. I’m not too proud to admit that at one point I got so nervous I actually tried to run away :$ That was when she made a grab for me & almost begged me to take her number!

Naturally I had to find out more about David’s programs & soon bought Invincible. I’ve deliberately kept away from pushing myself to approach so I can focus on doing the internal work for now. Nonetheless so far I’ve had 2 cute girls invite me out, one of whom to an outdoor swimming pool (presumably so she could let me see how good she looks in a bikini) & the other from a girl who started chatting me up in a bar and invited me to a lavish Mayfair birthday party her boyfriend was throwing in her honour (where she introduced me to some of her friends, one of them a very pretty girl who I’m following up with for a date next week)!

Ever since starting Invincible, I’ve been noticing cute girls just ‘appearing’ in my general vicinity where I can naturally & effortlessly open them. In the past I’ve rarely had these kinds of results from a couple of weeks doing solid approaches so getting this from doing ‘nothing’ is insane!

I am used to learning techniques & going out to practice them so holding myself back for long enough to do the internal work & finding what is of true fun & value to me is quite new & a little challenging. Thankfully David has done a great job of pacing the course & helping students through every step of the way. It feels like the content is a little light on the alternative/outer work portions of the course but this may be intentional as it presents a good breather before going back into the deep work, either to let things settle in & try out some of the concepts or to work on overcoming social anxiety. It’s definitely what I need so that next time I meet an incredible, stunningly beautiful girl who can’t keep her hands off me I’ll be ready.

Thanks! "

— Michael D.

I purchased Dr. Tian’s Invincible course. I’m not sure how to start this out…2018 did not start out the way I thought it would. In August of 2017 my mom had to undergo a triple bypass, and suffered a stroke after the surgery. They said she would never get better, my dad and myself believed otherwise. She was put into an amazing rehab therapy program, and with my dads help she was able to come home. He helped her relearn how to read, write, and walk again. He never left her side. He displayed an undying love, strength, and will and refused to give up on her or his family.

Then in my dad got started to get sick in February of 2018. In March we found out too late he had a unidentifiable form of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I stayed with him in the hospital for three weeks until he passed away on April 12. I watched the strongest person I knew face death and not show any fear, but love and joy for the family he had and the peace He found from believing in God. I was as strong as I could be. He said He loved me and was proud of me, and he would always be with me.

At the same time,(I won’t go into detail right now) my relationship of 6 years ends because she needs time…and decides to start dating another guy almost immediately. I was shattered, I lost the two people who were the most important to me. I was at the lowest point I’ve ever been. I felt worthless, lost, and without purpose. I lost my way, my path was unclear. I’m still crawling back, fighting because that is how I was raised. To learn, to grow, to become better from the experience.

I found Dr. Tian’s Invincible course and decided to give it a shot. I knew I needed to rebuild myself from the inside out, and I’ve been very impressed with the knowledge that Dr. Tian has shared. His insight, his experience, and his knowledge is invaluable. I’ve been going through the course and have been getting better and better. It will take time, but I am getting to a better place. My self worth is determined by me, not anyone else. I am on a journey of self discovery, building confidence and strength, and I have Dr. Tian's Invincible to thank for getting me going in the right direction, for saying what needed to be said, and putting me back on track.

Thank you so much, Dr. Tian, words can not describe how thankful I am for your sage like advice, for your approach to getting the answers that are inside all of us, and the programs you have created to help those who need it most.

All the best,"

— Robert E.

" The Invincible Course has inspired me into action. I see the life I want…a life of purpose, a life of growth, a life of adventure, love, passion, challenges, and inspiration…a life of Greatness. In the exercises, I saw that life so vividly and I am inspired to make it a reality.

People often ask me what I “want” to do after my service in the Army. In the past I would respond with “honestly I don’t really know” (not being honest at all with that response, mostly because I was scared of how they’d react to my true desires) or I’d hesitantly reply that “I would LIKE to” or “WANT to work in this industry I am very passionate about. Now though, because of the training in the Invincible course, I no longer say “I want to do” anything…now I say “I am GOING to”…and I AM GOING to work in that industry.

It is a subtle but powerful shift of mindset…a mindset that you helped me to develop and I am very grateful for that. For the first time in a long time, I am working to turn my dreams into a reality again and I have an energy that will take me there."

— Jeff E.

" One of the most helpful things you David Tian has taught me is that happiness truly comes from within, and that mature masculinity is the expression of that happiness and, further, sustains and creates that happiness and fulfilment. It wasn’t that I didn’t exactly know that this was true, but the way you taught me to examine my unconscious mind for my motivations and limiting fears has truly crystallised my understanding of my self and the world around me.

Once I got my subconscious mind into check, things started falling into place really quickly. I am doing your “Invincible” training now, and that (especially the odd numbered modules) is really helping to accelerate the pace of my healing and growth as a man.

— John P.A. 

Not paid to say this or anything, just doing it because I want to. I got Invincible 2 years ago and went through it, and then recently went through it again and learned so much more each time. It’s one of those things where a lot of the stuff David says, you understand when you’re ready, so you can always go back and learn more. If you believe in personal growth or becoming better holistically, invest your money in yourself. This is totally worth it and I don’t regret a single penny spent in retrospect. Thank you David! "

— Daniel L.

I never expected to experience my increased confidence as a result of Invincible bleeding into other aspects of my life.

Because of my stutter (or that’s what I blamed it on), I used to be very shy and timid to any kind of confrontation, and I don’t just mean the negative kind. Yeah, I was shy around girls, had approach anxiety, and was shy around new people, but I was also shy about my career goals, life advancement, breaking up with toxic people, and even confrontation in the business sense. I used to hide (if I could) behind a text message, or just ignore people when it came to breaking up, or other uncomfortable situations/conversations…

I’m on module 7 of Invincible (I’m taking the 12 week path, lol) and I’ve reflected over the last 8 weeks with Invincible, and realized that I’ve changed, like really, deeply, at my core, changed. I’m stronger, much more assertive (in a polite, professional way), and more importantly to me, I no longer shy away from uncomfortable situations or conversations. For example, this morning I fired my contractor because he would never show up or contact me. The old me would have just left it alone, and maybe ignored him, or just dealt with it.

It’s ironic for me, I originally purchased this program, and even started following David Tian because my dating life sucked, and I was desperate for change; I just threw a hail-mary, and hoped his program would work. Ironically, while it did help my dating life, it helped MORE with just my LIFE in general, which, in turn, bled over to my dating life; it indirectly improved my dating life (as much as can be done with Covid) due to improving my LIFE in general. I’m not scared anymore. I didn’t block the contractor’s number because I didn’t want further argument (like I would normally do), and I’ve been able to face things, all the way through, without hiding from them.

I’m much more calm than I’ve ever been. I was seeing a Doctor for anxiety and slight depression, and even my Doctor has said to me that she’s seen such a huge change in my personality, and demeanor over the last few months. I still have a MOUNTAIN of work left to do, but I’m light-years from where I was when I started this journey. I’ve improved in things that I never even expected to improve in, which makes me more excited and motivated to continue my journey to see where I end up. "

— Don W.

Well, I gotta say, Dr. Tian, the knowledge you provided in Invincible was nothing short of revolutionary. I especially liked your secret technique for success in Module 9 and the other bonuses, which got me thinking a lot.

Thank you much for this awesome program, showing that success in any facet of life starts with one’s own thoughts and psyche. Now i wish i spent more time in history in grade school, lol. Oh well, the past is the past."

— Nicholas S.

So, I’ll start off by saying that this review is coming from a lesbian’s perspective. Before starting Invincible, I had just ended my marriage with my wife and wasn’t feeling myself. The self-esteem and confidence that I once had was shattered and I was struggling to get it back. Going through the course helped me look at things differently and to understand myself on a deeper level. This isn’t just a motivational course – David is very well educated on the science and psychology behind what he’s talking about and communicates it in a way that’s easy to understand. After implementing the things I’ve learned, I have felt more confident, happy and excited for what the future holds.

David has given me the tools that will help guide me to become the highest expression of myself. I couldn’t be more grateful for that and I know I’ll continue attracting higher quality people in my life who share my values. I was a little hesitant about the course at first because it is made for men, but the fundamental principles that David teaches could help anyone. Thanks David!

— Haley F.

" I really enjoyed the Invincible course and felt like a different person. The hope this course gave me during the 8 week process was truly inspiring. I’m looking for a fresh start with the Lifestyle Mastery course."

— Paul F.

" Hey David Tian, I would like to extend my appreciation for the existence of your course Invincible. Overall, the summary of it is that through it, I found my heart. Even if there’s societal pressure, the choice to be aligned with my happiness and maintaining relations with people around me. I just wanted to thank you, Invincible was the lifeline I needed to not give up living. "

— K.H. 

I used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. I was a 26 year old virgin with no social skills. I had no good friends until I joined David’s Platinum Partnership.

But overtime, with Invincible, 10WTF and RSR, I was able to Transform my life 180 degrees simply by following what David says. After going through only a small fraction of his materials (SO much more to go!), I have achieved multiple breakthroughs and growth that leads from one good thing to another. If you join David’s courses, you will be in the right place to get what you want!"

— Wayne K.

Dear David,

I have just completed the course Invincible the first time. Incredible training I can tell you. What I did enjoy the most was the guided meditations. So uplifting, so visionary, and I can tell you that I was crying meanwhile a lot.

Decided that I am a winner now, no matter what. Started practicing mostly conversations, going in with the attitude “everyone likes me” to ask for contacts and to meet new people (not only woman!), smiling a lot more, watching my inner thoughts and feelings, driving conversations, not really talking on the surface level but navigate it towards more like making emotional connections.

Fixed my posture, practicing deep tonality, taking care of my body, physiology and eating clean, went back to workout. Man, the attention, the compliments (haha really? and what do you like in that the most? Thank you!) I get is just so much, like never before! Even girls are approaching me now, which was not really the case back in the years (I was always the one).

Will keep continuing this journey! I really appreciate your trainings David, so a huge thank you to you! 

— Thomas S.

All I can say is that Invincible most certainly made a huge impact on my life. It has changed the way I see things. It gave me so much more confidence in myself. Nowadays, women seem to hit on me everywhere I go. Just yesterday at work, this gorgeous girl asked me for directions. I told her, then she was like wow, you’re a very good looking man. I thanked her for the compliment. She was no more than 25. I’m almost 40. I’m not sure how you could make Invincible better. It changed my entire life. I feel like I have accomplished more in my life since I went through the course. All I can really say is thank you to you David and all of the staff at Aura."

— Derek B.

INVINCIBLE is to me an….initiation process into true character building, and sets the groundwork for understanding that the dating and sex scene is more than just scripted lines and false selves, and that learning flow and conversation and your purpose in life gives you a psychological beacon. Dare I say it could be an anti-suicide program…"

— Nick S.

" The Invincible program was and still is a life changing experience for me! I’ve been using the “Crushing My Limiting Belief System” whenever I find limiting beliefs. It helps me crush those and stop them from holding myself back. Another thing that helped was honesty with myself. Helps shine more light on things to work on and not being afraid to talk about those things, which has made me stronger from within.

Setting a 5 year and 2 year plan has definitely help tenfold in creating a guide-map for getting to my specific goals and feeling those emotions before I even get there, has made me more confident about how to go about those goals and to get into flow! Thank you again David and cannot wait to go through the program again!

— Jacob J.

" Hi David, I purchased Invincible for my son. But I also took the course along with him. I’ve been happily married for 35 years and was still able to learn a great deal about myself and apply it to my relationship. I have to say that I did try some of your strategies for attracting women…had to walk (run!) away to keep myself out of trouble! Powerful stuff! "

— Roger B. 

Purpose somewhat combines the elements of Invincible and Lifestyle mastery. It gives me a stronger direction for what I want and helps to give my life a more spiritual meaning. These short courses are very powerful. Purpose is a part of the Freedom U program which helped me remember what I’m truly seeking. Direction is key in life, and this course helps out a lot with that."

— Nick S.

Hi David, I have bought your Invincible course and am a member of your Legendary Group and constantly and continuously watch, listen, and read any free content that you post out there. Great stuff man! I love it! I appreciate the work that you are doing for humanity, and particularly us men of the 21st century…

I’ve gone through a lot of other dating coaches and their programs… I am the type of guy that likes to stand from the “root” of everything and learn from there, instead of standing from the “branch”. Just when I thought I found the “root”, there was actually another layer deeper that I needed to go to. For example, instead of learning from countless dating programs that have similarities and differences, I tried my best to find the one dating program that will give me the ability to put all other dating programs on their respective “branches”. Doing so, it will automatically and naturally help me learn and master all the other dating programs without having to spend time going through them. That is the case with you, David! I mean you really did the work like no one else that I have seen! YOU DID THE MOTHERFUCKIN WORK! I hear people talk in their sales pages about how “deep” their inner game courses are, but it still was not deep enough in the psychological realm as I wanted it to be. But god dammit, you fuckin took us guys to the source (or “root”) of it all, which is our childhood.

Whether the dating coaches out there realizes it or not (at least the ones that I consider great realizes it) is that when it comes to dating and attraction, Eastern Philosophy applies best..

I am so surprised and grateful to have found a dating coach who is an academic with a PhD that teaches this. Never ever would I have thought to come across someone like you. Call it the law of attraction or whatever, but who you are as an individual, all of your past experiences that led you to where you are right now, and the depth of knowledge and experience that went into your programs from tried and true experiences really relates with me. I mean I seriously feel that you are the ideal teacher who has met all of the criteria that I want in a coach! It’s funny because I didn’t start out looking for a teacher like this until I started really struggling and decided to MASTER this area of my life. I did not even realize that I was going down the PUA path until I realized that I was unhappy and not getting the results that I wanted… Of all the dating coaches and life coaches out there, none of them are like you… It was not until I read a lot of great reviews of you and actually got to see a few of your free videos that talked about the Dao state, that I finally decided to check out your programs and purchased Invincible… And the extensive experience of research that you went through in the fields of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, biology, physiology, NLP, CBT, etc. … Again, you went to the source, thank you! "

— V. Nguyen

Since joining Invincible, my confidence has vastly improved. Without going into the details at this time, I will just say that at the age of 59, having gained confidence back is alone worth every ounce of investment placed into gaining access to the information you have made available for people to identify with their “true self”. It is my most sincere desire to meet you and thank you in person one day for what your devotion has produced in the form of relevant and timely information. This information vital and is SO MUCH missing in society!

If anyone out there is reading this who is riding the fence on making an investment in themselves, I would say – get over it – (the fence)!

Sad thing is, fortunes in money and resources of time and effort are wasted in an unquestionably broken education system; when there are modalities and tools available NOW to entirely re-vamp society by bringing an effective, lasting, meaningful and purposeful means of living life to its fullest. Dr. Tian provides a valid and effective model for accomplishing great things for anyone who is serious about investing in the well being of their true self!

Thank you again, David."

— Joe L.

I have to thank you, David, for your lessons in Invincible. It really opens one’s own mind to see the world in a whole new way. That could never happen without pushing yourself instead of just letting time go by… without making any progress in life and just keep asking “why is my life like this?” Thanks to you, I can finally see the light on the other side of the tunnel."

— Jose B.

" If it wasn’t for the Invincible program, I don’t think I would have ever been mature enough, strong enough, to do what I felt like I had to for a few years now, and create a successful relationship. To grow, to heal, to move on. If it wasn’t for this program, I’d have never changed. I feel so much better now after implementing Invincible."

— Dan W.

" Appreciate for putting this all together, glad I came across David and the course, Invincible. I was always wondering why women that I didn’t really pay attention to fell for me when I wasn’t trying to do anything at all but when I liked a woman and tried to do almost everything I could come up with, it NEVER worked. I was so puzzled.

This program answered all my prayers. It is like a light switch in a dark unknown room – you do have a chance of finding a door in dark but it becomes effortless when the light is on. The program is well structured with thoughtfully intertwined theory and practice guiding you through a transformation process. You do have to do your part, but it doesn’t feel like work or burden – more like a 21-century-tailored journey to become a man you always wanted to be. It is where you truly start seeing that your life stops turning around women. It is now women (and everything else) who start turning around a life you design.

Thanks "

— Sergii N. 

The first time I went through the Invincible program, it caused an extreme change in myself. The way I carried myself throughout my day was entirely different!"

— Nick S.

" Not just another ‘get the girl’ product – Pick up artists be warned – this is not your average ‘inner game’ product. Though the course covers practical tips on dating and talking to women, the real gem of this product lies in the exercises that forces you to dig deep and confront your limiting beliefs. The programs are easy to follow and takes you through some deep level psychology which instantly gives you more self awareness of the thoughts and beliefs which guide your emotions. The course consists of 9 modules that are released weekly and takes you through the entire process at a very good pace.

David is a gifted speaker which makes listening and absorbing his teachings a lot easier and fun. It is interesting to learn about the origins of the concepts behind Invincible and how it intertwines with eastern philosophy and ancient practices. You can tell a lot of research, reading and studying had been taken on David’s part to condense all of that knowledge into this program. Invincible takes all the essentials of ancient Chinese wisdom, meditation, eastern philosophy, dating, relationships, developmental psychology and wraps it into a giant burrito for your soul.

Implementation can be difficult but this depends on the individual. Invincible does not require you to go out and approach women incessantly and can be covered at the comfort of your home but it does require time and effort to go through each exercise properly. At the end of the day, the effectiveness of this course comes down to how you choose to use this course. The knowledge and teachings can be overwhelming so its a good thing you can keep the entire program for a lifetime.

For what this program offers, it is a great value for money. David is active on the Facebook group and there is a whole community of like minded guys going through the same journey. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve happiness and success. Fix the mind and everything else will fall into place! "

— WT

Folks, the Invincible course is the BEST money you can spend. It’s started to change my life, my outlook, my perspective, etc in ways I never thought possible. David Tian has more content that you can really absorb the first time through; dare I say almost too much content. I’ve had it for almost 3 months , and I’m only on module 6; I need my conscious and unconscious mind time to absorb everything he teaches. For me, I can’t absorb everything in 8 weeks with this. If you play full out, keep an OPEN MIND, I PROMISE you that you will see results. You’ll feel dumb with some of the stuff he makes you do, but keep and open mind and trust the process. "

— Don W.

I’ve just started Invincible after a tough rejection from a girl I had a crush on. The first module alone took me a long way down the path of self improvement. There is something very profound learning about neediness, emotional control, purpose, meditation and the flow state. These things just put me at ease knowing the people behind this program know their stuff. And I haven’t even got to the outer work modules yet! This is probably the best investment I made this year. Looking forward to the next material."

— Benjamin R.

" Invincible is a life changing course! I’ve always struggled with women and assumed I wasn’t fit enough, handsome enough, or suave enough. David Tian’s course Invincible has helped me to realize the bigger issue was my poorly developed persona and past neuroses, both of which made it difficult to form strong and meaningful relationships. Invincible walks you through the process of addressing and healing past traumas, developing better and stronger personas, as well as gives advice on approaching and talking to women. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs a little help with the ladies and is wise enough to avoid the pick-up artist BS and invest in themselves."

— Scotty D.

Invincible is a great course for guys that want to improve their dating lives. Invincible helped me to understand more of my psychology and how to better understand the attraction of women. I love how David also has a bunch of book recommendations that go along with the course for you to understand the concept better. Each module is broken down very well and they build on top of one another. I was skeptical at first, but once I started to commit myself and do the guided meditations, I saw great results. Stick with the course and it will guide you to literally become Invincible. "

— Jason L. 


I just finished Module 8 from the Invincible online course, and I must say, this program was worth every penny. It cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had about life and women, and I really look forward to implementing what I have learned once this pandemic is over.


— Scotty D.

After starting Invincible, it’s a really weird feeling I’ve been getting, continuously gaining deeper and deeper layers of insight and awareness, and only continuing to grow as I make progress in Invincible. You have no idea how much I want to thank you, David, for granting me this still-increasing, incredibly solid grasp on how life, the external world, clarity, what makes the people around me tick & click, and so much more. You have my eternal gratitude just for being who you are and the incredible work you’ve done for so many who’s lives that you’ve changed, mine included. Don’t ever stop what you do. Thank you."

— Alex C.

Hey David! I want to thank you for being such a good teacher and for the transformation my life has had! Thanks to Invincible, I am now able to act with confidence and stand my ground when it matters. I am able to be myself without fear, handle conflict and contribute to the lives of others. I look in retrospective and realize all the good things and the amazing transformations that has taken place since I first did Invincible. I could see that thanks to my effort the Invincible exercises are starting to translate into reality and I have no words to describe how deeply amazing that feeling is! And not only that; I know that this is just the beginning; more amazing things are yet to come!!! And this transformation started thanks to you, David! Infinite thanks bro! "

— Luis C.

David I just wanted to say thank you for creating Invincible and your YouTube channel.

After feeling shame as to who I was and not feeling good enough as a man I realized through your teachings and doing therapy, was the answer. Unlearning the shame I had told myself who I am. By starting to question some of my shame based beliefs I wasn’t “becoming someone else” I was becoming “myself” and really I am starting to realize I am an amazing person thanks to the countless videos you put on man up and the amazing effort you have put into Invincible. The visualization exercises have given me an energy inside of myself which I feel might be my future self, and I’m starting to feel it take over.

Thanks for helping me and thanks for doing what you do, I’ll always be grateful."

— Luke H.

" Healthiest Course for Relationship Coaching Out There!

Invincible is by far one of the best dating courses out there and is notably the best in teaching inner confidence. I was amazed by the meditation exercises as well as the vision practices that helped to demolish my insecurities.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone out there regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not. The course is really for anyone who wants to strengthen their social and emotional skills as a whole. It covers a range of topics from dating advice to getting into Flow to be your true self. All these topics are essential and I am happy to say that it was largely because of it that I am now in a successful, committed relationship."

— Anonymous

This is the real deal! I have attended a couple weekend boot camps from some of the major companies in the dating industry. I would have a fantastic weekend, and then the motivation would slowly fade off over a couple of months. I would feel like I needed more material and bought and read several “Buy this, Say this, Get laid!” books. I somehow got a girlfriend and thought “ahh that was it, now I can relax”. In the beginning of the relationship I would “game” her, and things would seem ok. But obviously I ran out of “material” after a short while, and my inner neediness would show. I was way over-invested in the relationship, and she dumped me shortly after it all started. I was devastated. But today I’m truly grateful for that experience. It led me to understand that I would have to work on myself on a much deeper level.

After having gone through Invincible 5 months ago things are different. I have a lot better understanding of myself, and I have cleared out a lot of mental garbage. Now, having fun with girls seems so natural and effortlessly for me. This program is not a magic pill. It’s not for slackers. It requires hard mental work and it’s a painful process to dig into your deepest insecurities and deal with them. But the reward is worth the pain.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. This is the real deal. "

— Mathias D. 

I have purchased the Invincible review about a month ago, I’m halfway through the program (week 4 out of 8) and honestly I’m already starting to see amazing results from this course, I’m truly impressed by how amazing this course actually turned out to be. David Tian goes into super in-depth detail on how to get rid of neediness, and become your best self. Through guided meditations, strategies and many other different things that David TRAINS you on, it truly is transforming my life and making me feel incredible. I am truly glad and thankful that I purchased this course. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to become great with women to get this course as well."

— Tyler H.

Hello David Tian, Thank you for Invincible lessons that you provided. With the lessons I learned, Invincible has changed the outcome of my everyday life such as my career and social life. I used to see my job depressing and tiring but thanks to your course, it helps me look to a better probability in my life. But only if I’m willing to take the first move and learn how to appreciate the value the outcome even if a small step. Thanks again."

— Jose B.

Invincible is great, BUT difficult. Haven’t completed the course yet, but it’s powerful. David has always been evolving his knowledge and finding new and deep psychological phenomena that pertain to the deep subconscious mind and yet affect us in our day to day lives, in our work and most of all in our relationships. Invincible is such a course. In Module 1 itself, there is a powerful meditation exercise, which can have long-lasting effects on the state of one’s mind. There are several exercises immediately after that, which are rather difficult to do. But that’s the very thing about Invincible. It aims to get right to the deepest layers of the subconscious. "

— Soumyo M.

Awesome inner game product! This is my first product that I have purchased from Aura University (David Tian’s life coaching company).

I have always had inner game issues due to coming from a traditional Asian family and being brought up in a Western country. My identity was always ambiguous and I never really felt comfortable in either my parent’s culture or the western culture I was brought up in. I often would identify myself as a person between 2 cultures. Consequently, this has effected my psychological state and this has created a negative outlook to life. I hit probably my lowest point this year, when I lost my high flying job and went through an emotional impactful experience with a women I briefly had a fling with.

It took me months to begin to rebuild my life again and during that time I realized that recurring patterns of thoughts/behaviors that have contributed in many of my experiences.

I started to search on google and came upon the datingskillsreview.com website. After reading the review on Invincible I decided to purchase the product.

I’m currently going through the product and there has been many aha moments. When he talks about the elephant and rider as an analogy to our conscious mind and unconscious mind and how we need to train our elephant to really transform, really blew my mind.
I especially resonate with David Tian as he has a similar backstory as I do i.e an Asian man growing up in a Western country.

One thing that it requires is a lot of writing and reflecting. I’m not naturally a writer but have committed myself to following through all the exercises.

I would recommend this product for those who want to transform their inner life’s and have a strong foundation to developing their attraction skills."

— Edmond K.

" David Tian’s course Invincible is a fairly new course and in it he shares some of the most amazing motivational and practical advice. I have gone to many seminars in leadership, dating etc, and studied lots of books and watched many videos on different tactics for attraction, but the thing I like about David’s course Invincible is that unlike most other peoples’ advice which focus on outer game and appearing great, David focuses on making you great! He focuses on building your character, confidence and many others and when you do so, that outer game comes naturally easy! In addition to this, he also teaches outer game tactics that work very well in attracting your dream girl.

This course was well worth the money, and had very good value for the content I received. I would totally advise it if you have the money to get this and in doing so, invest in your own life to make yourself amazing!

To an awesome life my friends!"

— Daniel L.

The videos for the course, Invincible, were well sequenced and contain an abundance of information that you can go back to review. David’s information is unlike any other dating coach. He dives into the psychology of your mindset and its impact on you. David is brutally honest and will not tickle your ears by telling you what you want to hear. My only critique is that some of the audio quality of the videos made it difficult to listen. Overall, a great product. "

— Joe C. 

Life changing. I’ve battled a lot of inner conflict, insecurities and fear when it came to meeting and seducing women, that was always my Achilles heal, after a few weeks with a girl. The program Invincible has provided me with the necessary tools to change this. Although it takes an extraordinary amount of time, reflection, skill, and practice to implement, I am already seeing a difference. I am more confident, honest in my desire, and have got my girl addicted to me."

— Matt R.

From taking Invincible and watching all of your masterclass, reviewing your content is a great refresher to remind myself to keep in the right frame of mind. "

— Kim Y.

Become Invincible! A very comprehensive and insightful program on becoming your most Invincible self. Highly recommended!

3 key take aways:

1. Focuses on both the inner and outer: The inner is the foundation and the exercises in the program really help to build a rock solid foundation. The outer are strategies and techniques and provide a framework to progress ahead.

2. Total Honesty: I like that about David, there is no BS, he is honest and sincere, and will help you succeed as long as you are willing to go all out.

3. Coaching and Guidance: There is forum available to the Invincible members that allow you to share your experiences and learn from others. David is very responsive on this forum to the questions that come up. A great way to keep progressing. "


Mind changing course for real masculine men."

Hello guys!

Recently I moved to a different country and opportunities for dating and meeting new women decreased as I did not manage to build a circle of friends yet. I cannot say, before that time I was not interesting to women. But I’ve never been that guy who would walk to attractive woman on a street to start conversation with her or I was not completely confident around attractive women as I would like to be. For this reason, and also I do not like wasting whole nights out in the bars and clubs, next day with a hangover. I could not have gone with PUA. Although I read some PUA stuff or subscribed to some courses. They seemed to me to be superficial for solving the real problem, why I felt as I did.

However, David’s course Invincible explains this to necessary detail and not only that. In individual chapters David explains how to open your true self, that happy, courageous and free one which naturally attracts women to you. In addition to it, the course also offers real, strong and simple technics on how to attract women even more, who will already be attracted to you and your real character.

One more thing about what I feel from the Invincible course, I really feel inner power from his members and try to open it to full freedom. I highly recommend you to this course, and for myself I promise you will not want to stop developing yourself anymore because you will start discovering and using your new and natural true-self in real life


— Martin M.

" Invincible is a great course. It’s unlike anything I’ve encountered. Whereas most material in this space focuses on things to say, how to act, etc., this course gets to the root of attraction and works on creating the mindsets that will help you become a person that is attractive to women."

— Daniel D.

Invincible is a great course in psychology that changes you from inside out.

This is a cutting edge program which focuses a lot on the deep seated psychological issues that affect us and who we are. By breaking down the various reasons for our behaviors such as understanding the human needs, as well as visible characteristics such as posture, tonality, and dress sense, Dr. Tian makes it easy and simple to internalize.

This is not a program about tricking women to like you, but it is a program about total transformation — such that women would naturally like you.
You would also feel more confident about yourself, and more empowered to go about your daily life. Highly recommended as the most effective dating program I have seen up to date.

— WDS 

Invincible is a powerful program that will make you magnetic with women and more. Invincible is so much more than some “how to pick up chicks/dating program.” This program is about creating a better more unstoppable you, that attracts women and even opportunities to you. Powerful! "

— Nash B.

Honestly, the course Invincible was perfect for me. Truly the missing link that I had been searching for. The cross between new techniques and ancient philosophical teachings was an incredibly rich experience that I can’t help but keep coming back too. Not only has it changed my life and my confidence, it has also pointed me in the direction of some philosophical connections and teachings that I didn’t know existed. The teaching method of the course worked incredibly well for me, as most of my university studies follows a similar format. Furthermore, the guided meditations and the actual written work that was required, has had profound impacts upon my psyche and given me answers to questions that I had never considered to be important.

Finally, the ability to constantly revise and reuse the worksheet exercises has been a really excellent way to check my progress and integrate the information properly. So thank you so much for that, my trust was well placed in the system and I look forward to investing in future courses, especially the lifestyle mastery course which ill sign up for when my pay for the week comes through!

— Tom K.

I decided upon Invincible after watching a good number of free videos from Coach David Tian for a the past 2-3 years. I have been in a grind for a professional career for many years and felt like I accumulated some unresolved issues.

Coach Tian’s approach is not based on a gimmick of bragging money, influence, and using trickery to get any result in our lives. His emphasis shifts people towards the opposite direction: our inner selves. What truly matters is what is within and how to grow past beyond the failures and misguided upbringings.

As an Asian male living in a western society, I felt like he is the only coach who takes a deeper understanding of my particular heritage over all other life coaches. His specialty is actually of the traditional eastern philosophy that guided people for thousands of years in the Asian countries. How could I not trust his directions?

The moment I started living his principles, I have steadily grown in maturity and continued to stack up on life’s progress. He has been very responsive on facebook to guide everyone in the right direction as opposed to just leaving us to absorb and improvise after the program’s purchase.

Coach Tian has a big heart. He cares for men to be happy. Even for a 1% chance of growth he’ll strive to guide his compatriots. I encourage anyone with an open mind to join and try to make a difference.

Thank you. "

— Dr. John

I have 5 years of Meditation experience, and when my friend tried to convince me of the effectiveness of David Tian’s courses, I was initially unconvinced.

That was until one day, in one of my meditations, like a stroke of insight, it occurred to me that Dave’s courses will help me significantly.
I don’t know how true this would be until I began the Platinum Partnership. Following his recommendations, I began completing the exercises David recommended me to complete, under Invincible and Rock Solid Relationships.

As I did these courses, my understanding of myself grew. The meditations were designed to bring out specific things in my subconscious, and my Meditation experience only enhanced the effectiveness of these therapeutic meditations. It helped me clarify what I truly found important to me, and showed me that ultimately, my concerns for whether others approved of me, whether I had friends, or even whether I would get a girlfriend, were all irrelevant questions. Ultimately, the source of happiness lies within, and what matters is being true to yourself, always acting out of your own goodwill.
And this was just from the first module of Invincible, where I visualised my own future.

From RSR Module 1, I learned about the Hierarchy of Needs, the importance of staying rooted in relationships, of Presence, and the importance of selecting the right partner. Right from the get-go, the Needs Hierarchy put into words what I already begun noticing was the case from my own Meditation. It gave me a framework from which I could understand myself better, and the body engagement only helped solidify and internalize my own understanding of myself. It has also given me a means through which I can better understand others and their hierarchy of needs based on how they act from day-to-day life, and helped me become more aware of when I am being needy.

With the understanding of Presence (which I realise I have already been doing to a certain extent before), I learned how to use it more often in my day to day life, to understand better how others feel. I learned to trust my emotional feeling and “reads” of other people, and to let my subconscious do what it feels is right. The understanding of Presence together with the Needs framework has helped me understand the peers in my workplace, whether they are needy or not, with Presence helping me understand what is the best way to help them.

This understanding has helped me significantly in reducing the ease by which I may feel needy, and helped me understand the conditions by which I begin to feel needy. For this I am very thankful for this Module, as it has equipped me with the knowledge to truly change my life.
It also helped that the video after these was on experiencing the dark side, the Warrior energy within myself, the part of myself that wished to protect others. This helped me channel my mind better into being more assertive when needed.

Next was Module 2, where my greatest takeaway was the powerful Warrior, Magician, Lover, King Meditation. I shared about this in the RSR group, but it is something that bears repeating. This Meditation gave me a way to attribute certain parts of my body with each of these identities, allowing me to channel their strength easily when needed. I use the Warrior quite often to give myself energy to do what needs to be done, the Magician for perspective, and the Lover and King to ground myself.

Currently I am on Module 5 of Invincible, learning about Limiting Beliefs. I can already see how much this will soon change me, and I just want to say Thank you to David who has helped me significantly. "

— Yong Chun

" You’re already making the world here in the Washington DC area a better place. As I come across people who are interested in why male / female relationships fail, if they seem interested, I share your name and links to your Aura site and free materials. The lady I just talked to in our apartment management office was nearly in tears just hearing me describe the basic stuff I’ve already learned because she was so grateful just to “understand why” her past relationships have failed (I share your stuff with women and men because clearly, it will help anyone who is intelligent). I’ll figure out how to afford and take the Invincible course soon. Cheers."

— Greg Vanderberg

" Invincible met all of my needs and expectations. I don’t fear women like I used to , they are not my Higher Power anymore. I find it almost easy to talk with them and they seem as a rule more attracted to me , My voice has changed, my body language has changed, but more than that, I feel comfortable in my own skin, I feel like a man who has gone through the fire I was never led through to go from boyhood to manhood. "

— Rick E.

It was above and beyond my expectations. I signed up for a course, but the quality of the material, explanations and exercises was amazing. Also the approach of putting everything in perspective and in the right place is something that I have not seen anywhere else and was what helped me the most.“

I had major difficulties with my self esteem and self confidence before. I had done several pick up programs before but I was never satisfied with the results.“

I am an achiever, yet I was very insecure and had very low self esteem. I have always done whatever I set my mind into, except with women. Having a couple became my obsession and biggest frustration. I have tried several pick up programs but none helped feel secure; it all felt artificial. Yes, I succeeded in getting laid, but I never had a lasting or satisfying relationship.“

INVINCIBLE helped me fix the root cause of my problems, and even without having completed it my officemates and friends started to notice changes in my vibe. By the third or fourth week a girl asked ME out (she was very picky about who she dated) and that was a relationship I felt proud about. Unfortunately she wanted me to change some things from my core but I had the strength to keep my ground, which never happened before. We broke up, but it’s the first time I don’t feel devastated and hopeless.“

Immediately after breaking up I revisited INVINCIBLE and I was able to realize many mistakes (and advanced things also) that I did unconsciously, therefore further helping my learning; it also helped me find my core again and continue my life with security and purpose.“

Words are not enough to describe how much this program changed my life. I did other pick up programs. I visited the psychologist, and that, in conjunction with INVINCIBLE helped me heal many things and overcome many fears and insecurities that held me back. This program changed my life for the better.“

I loved the course! Lots of quality material, clear organization. It addresses the core issues so that applying techniques later is much easier. I really liked the positive vibe of David and how he is not shy about explaining things in a raw and clear manner. This program is AMAZING! Thanks David! "

— Luis C.

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